Atlantic Crossings: Music of the Early Americas
How is our national anthem like an old British drinking song? Join the Early Music Players to learn the answer and consider other curiosities from a time when there was little difference between “serious” and “popular” music. Spanning over two centuries and ranging from Central America to Canada, this program explores everyday joys and tribulations through music of indigenous people and early explorers to freedom seekers and America’s founding fathers. Instruments feature early flutes (including replicas of Maya flutes from Central America and original antique American flutes), along with voice, recorders, penny whistle, viola da gamba, guitar and percussion.
Birds, Bards and Bawds: Music of Renaissance England
Includes the Birds and the Beasts, Courtly Airs and Dances, a sampling of music from Shakespeare’s plays, and songs about the trials and tribulations of young love.
Carols and Capers: A musical Celebration from the Olde and New Worlds
Celebrate the Christmas season with a collection of beautifully performed holiday music from Olde Europe and the New World, spanning the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods (1300’s – 1700’s).
Flights of Fancy: Instrumental Gems of the Renaissance
A veritable treasure chest of instrumental gems; charming dance music, virtuosic variations, and soaring fantasias highlight the families of Renaissance instruments with their wonderful sounds.
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
Travel back to Colonial America, where music was an important part of everyday life. Music ranges from the beautifully haunting ballad that serves as the title for this program to political songs and music for entertainment.
A Medieval Pilgrimage
Follow the old pilgrimage route to Santiago de Campostela in this multimedia program of music and images.
Music of Shakespeare’s England
Music mentioned in or associated with the plays of William Shakespeare, along with readings from the works of this great bard. When performed in April, the Bard’s birth month, this program is called A Birthday for the Bard: Music of Shakespeare’s England.
Sing Unto Zion
Seven centuries of Jewish musical life, from haunting Sephardic songs through lively dances and lilting canzonets to stirring synagogue music.
A Tangled Web: Music from 1500 – 1800
The joys, complexities, challenges and discoveries of the 16th to 18th centuries are reflected in music of the time that resonates with today’s audiences. From bawdy ballads and love songs, to enchanting fantasies and fugues, to courtly and vivacious dances, the Players weave together a fascinating program that mirrors the spirit of the time.
A Twelfth Night Celebration: Music Merrymaking of the Renaissance
Imagine yourself amidst the revelry of Twlefth Night as the Players perform music from the 14th through 16th centuries and describe the evening’s festivities of this millenium-old celebration. Dressed in Renaissance garb, the Players invoke the Lord of Misrule as they mark the end of the holiday season and greet the New Year. Recommended for January.
A Wandering Minstrel: Music and Tales of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
From European castles and courts to commoners portrayed by Sephardic Jews and Shakespeare, this concert features lively and colorful music from a time of transition and change.
A Wreath of Carols
Favorites of the Christmas season from the New Oxford Book of Carols.
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Is there a particular type of music you would like to hear from the Medieval, Renaissance or Baroque periods? Let us know and we’ll provide a program customized for your concert or event.
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