Birds, Bards and Bawds


Music of Renaissance England

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Music of Renaissance England

1. This merry pleasant spring
2. Prelude and voluntary
3. Oh let us howl
4. The goates masque
5. Tomorrow the fox will come to town
6. Hey ho, to the greenwood
7. Joy doth so arise
8. Now, oh now I needs must part
9. Come again, sweet love
10. The dark is my delight
11. Reading from Romeo and Juliet
12. Where griping grief
13. How should I your true love know
14. Fortune my foe
15. It was a lover and his lass
16. O mistress mine
17. Willow, willow
18. The ballad of the scornful maid
19. Whether men do laugh or weep
20. Here lies a woman
21. Tobacco is like love
22. Martin said to his man
23. Watkins ale

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